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w E B S I T E

A little more about me, Pale, the webmaster of this space.

About Pale

Basic Info

Name: Pale (she/her)
Location: México
Zodiac: Capricorn
Ocupation: Software Dev
Feeling: weeb


System of a Down ⋆ Rammstein ⋆ Metal ⋆ Rock ⋆ Industrial ⋆ Electronic ⋆ Old School Regueton ⋆ Anime Openings ⋆ J-Rock
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Anime & Manga

BLEACH ⋆ One Piece ⋆ Naruto ⋆ Attack on Titan ⋆ CardCaptor Sakura ⋆ Code Geass ⋆ Tsubasa Reservoir C.⋆ My Hero Academia
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Interests & Hobbies

Pixel art Goth & Punk Fashion YuGiOh Junk Food Web Design RPGs Pokemon Super Mario Zelda Dolls Watercolors