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A compilation of old displays/avatars for social networks


In the mid-2000s, the rise of social networking was beginning, people were spending more time on online forums, and instant messaging services were becoming more and more popular. The displays or avatars were small images specifically created to be used as a profile picture in social networks of that time (myspace, hi5 or discussion forums) and instant messaging software (windows live messenger, yahoo and others).

The purpose of this collection is to preserve the designs of that time, and to show what the trends were in various topics (music, aesthetics, anime) of that time, since the following images were created between 2006 and 2009. Enjoy!


  • eslamoda.com: Was a very popular website in Mexico which at the time was known for its extensive content to personalize social networks. The website still exists, but has changed its focus to posting blogs on fashion topics, and all the previous content is no longer avaiable.

Terms of use

Since the purpose of these websites was for users to use their work, I think you are free to use them. As said in the disclaimer, most of this content is no longer available in their original websites. Preserve a piece of the old internet :)


None of the images listed here belong to me, the images belongs to their respective authors and were extracted from the sources cited above. In some cases, the sources are archived sites that can only be accessed through tools like the Wayback Machine. It is emphasized that the compilation is done for preservation purposes and that the work done by the designers at that time is not forgotten.